What's covered?

Did you know that in case of an accident, your motor vehicle insurance does not cover your medical bills, disablement or even death? Serious injuries can mean a costly and lengthy recovery and additional medical expenses. And, if you were to pass away, your family may need funds from personal accident insurance to help with paying off loans, or to meet day to day living expenses.

What does Personal Accident Insurance cover?Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation for death, permanent disability, temporary loss of income due to disability from an accident, medical expenses and funeral expenses arising from an injury as a result of an accident, whether motor or otherwise.

The term accident refers to any event resulting in bodily injury and/or death such as traffic accident, slipping on a slippery floor, assault by thugs, falling from a height, attack by a domestic animal like a dog, choking, snake bites, attack by a wild animal, attack by bees etc.

How do I start?
Hisbah Insurance will assess your needs and give you options. Give us a call or email us and one of our friendly staff will help you get the best cover at the right price.

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