Today’s supply chain is more complex than ever with shippers facing a host of risks unique to the 21st century. You therefore need expert advice from those who understand their business and arrange insurance professionally and not as an afterthought.

At Hisbah Insurance, we are uniquely equipped to guide shippers with exceptional transport and logistics coverage that fits the way they do business and not with customary off-the-shelf solutions.

Why cargo and transit Insurance?There are a number of complex and specific risks associated with the cargo and shipping Industry. These can include:
- Financial loss associated with the loss of goods
- The risks associated with General Average (a Marine Principal that dictates that loss or damage to a ship or its cargo is shared among the Shipowners and Cargo owners)
- The risks associated with Transhipment risks (the moving of goods from one conveyance to another)

We can deliver bundled comprehensive ‘cradle to grave’ risk services for shippers and importers of all sizes ranging from: –
- Goods-In-Transit Insurance
- Marine Cargo Insurance
- Stock Floater Insurance
- Stock Throughput Insurance
- Carriers Liability Insurance
- Warehousing Liability Insurance

How do I start?
Hisbah Insurance will assess your needs and give you options. Give us a call or email us and one of our friendly staff will help you get the best cover at the right price.

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