Businesses are evolving more rapidly and industries are becoming more responsive to market dynamics including global forces, risks and opportunities. Engineering and in particular construction sector is certainly not exempt and it would seem that history has taught stakeholders to be increasingly astute when it comes to risk management

Nowadays it’s no longer only a question of, ‘What is engineering insurance?’ The more relevant questions being asked are, ‘What type of insurance cover is ideal in specific circumstances or for a specific project?’ And, ‘Which service provider has the knowledge and expertise to ensure sound and quality underwriting?’ At Walton Insurance, we understand that every project is different. We will take time to assess your individual risk management requirements and exposures and deliver insurance solutions that are tailored to you and the needs of your project.

What is covered?
Construction & Engineering Insurance provide cover against various risks including;
- Material damage or theft of contract works
- Material damage to on-site plant and equipment and existing structures
- Third party property damage
- Third party bodily injury
- Legal Liabilities
- Business Interruption and loss of profits

Walton Insurance offers a variety of engineering and construction related risk and insurance solutions including;
- Contractors/Erection All Risks Insurance
- Plant All Risks Insurance
- Electronic Equipment Insurance
- Machinery Breakdown Insurance
- Deterioration of Stock Insurance
- Business Interruption Insurance

How do I start?
Hisbah Insurance Agency will assess your needs and give you options. Give us a call or email us and one of our friendly staff will help you get the best cover at the right price.

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